Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Progam

The internal deadline for this opportunity has expired; your application may not be considered for further review without authorization. Please contact for questions.
National Science Foundation (NSF)
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Limited Funding Opportunities website for Princeton internal review and selection: ORPA has a limited submission website portal. All proposals to be considered for internal review and selection are to be submitted using this new online tool.

This program seeks to improve the quality and expand the scope of research and research training in science and engineering, and to foster the integration of research and education by providing instrumentation for research-intensive learning environments. The MRI program encourages the development and acquisition of research instrumentation for shared inter- and/or intra-organizational use and in concert with private sector partners. The MRI program assists in the acquisition or development of major research instrumentation by organizations that is, in general, too costly for support through other NSF programs. Proposals may be for a single instrument, a large system of instruments, or multiple instruments that share a common or specific research focus.

All departments/programs that wish to be considered as the University's designated applicant must submit the required information for internal review and selection using the online Internal Submission Form. The portal will require submission of the following materials:

1) Cover page :
a. Title: NSF 15-504 Major Research Instrumentation Program
b. Indicate one:
Track 1: Instrumentation Acquisition
Track 2: Instrumentation Development or
c. Project Title (Please include the scientific discipline(s) for which the instrumentation is requested, should convey the primary purpose of the proposal, e.g. “Development of _____ or Acquisition of _____” and should specify if the proposal is being submitted by a consortium.
d. Names, departments, addresses and email addresses for each PI
e. Estimated total project cost

2) Department Chair Endorsement letter. This letter should acknowledge the department’s commitment for the endorsement and matching funds for the required cost sharing of 30% of total project cost should the internal proposal be nominated. If the proposal is interdisciplinary, please have the letter signed by co-PIs chair or provide a separate letter. All cost-share commitments must be secured in writing with the internal submission.

3) (Limit: 2 Pages) The Project Summary

a. Describe the proposed major research instrumentation, the type of research/research training conducted, and the activity that would result if NSF funds the project. Where multiple schools are involved, please include a statement describing how the jointly-submitted project will be administered. Please describe existing or pending resources to support the use of the instrumentation.
b. For proposals requesting over $1 million: should address the potential impact of the instrument on the research community of interest and at the regional or national level when appropriate. For large multi-user instruments that provide service beyond a single institution, concrete plans for enabling access by external users (including those from non-Ph.D. and/or minority-serving institutions) through physical access and/or cyberinfrastructure should be presented, and the uniqueness of the requested instrumentation should also be described.

Internal Submission Deadline: 
Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 5:00pm
Sponsor Full Proposal Deadline: 
Wed, Jan 10, 2018